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Groupon Vouchers have a 90-day expirati. Please read through the Fine Print on the Groupon & Fever vouchers as well as our notes below. It is important to understand what you have purchased.  NOTE: If you purchased the “Groupon for Two” each person needs their own profile (see step #1 below) and will need to email us at You won’t be able to register with the rest of the steps below if you have a Groupon for two people. We will complete the process for you, thank you! 

Now, let’s get you started on your dance journey!

1. Click on “New Students” on our website and create a profile for yourself. If this is not compelted, we won’t be able to regsiter you for a class so it’s uber important.  

2. N, take a look and browse our schedule to choose a class that fits your schedule. Our schedule runs on 4 week sessions. Which means, when you choose a class you will be signing up for a class that will meet once a week, for 4 weeks. (Note: new scheduels are always released in week 3 of the current session)

3. Once you’ve picked a class, you can now fill out the form below with your information. Our staff will complete the rest of the regsitration process for you. 

4. You should receive an email confirmation once you are registered for the class you selected. If you do not receive a confirmation, do not assume the registration is complete. Contact us first if you are not sure you have been registerd for the class at  


  • All classes are on a first come, first serve basis. Classes are subject to availability.

  • New students should register for a “Basic 1” level class in their desired style (i.e. Basic 1 Salsa). Students with dance experience should contact us to schedule a FREE 5-minute dance level assessment at or 312-733-2623.

  • Please be sure you receive a confirmation email that you are enrolled before showing up for a class. Basic level classes do fill up fast!

  • Groupon & Fever Vouchers are valid for new students or for those that have not attended classes within the last 12 months.

  • Only one Groupon/Fever Voucher per person.

  • Must use for one (1) class prior to the expiration date. Groupon & Fever Vouchers are valid for 90 days.

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