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I also noticed that my student's ability to retain information was vastly improved. A month ago I had a parent praising the progress his child made in regards to his vocabulary he shared with me a time he tried to wake his son up to get ready for school his son told him he wasn't ready because he was hibernating like a bear hibernation was just one of the many vocabulary words my students were introduced to throughout this program after returning from spring break I assume that most of the students wouldn't recall some of the information that Miss Carmen shared with them previously. However, I was happily mistaken. They were able to recall the names of books the characters and the story elements, and most of the details and sequence. They also knew most of the songs, movements, and words to the poems and stories. Because of this experience, several of my students take the initiative to pantomime mine and incorporate movements and sounds when they read stories. Miss Jackson at Bryant Hill Elementary.



This was a great virtual program. Students were actively engaged throughout each session great that the book was used was a familiar story and the students have a deeper love for The Very Hungry Caterpillar.


Miss Valentine at Patrick Henry Downtown Academy


Mrs. Brown at Dewey Middle School. The students were able to engage by expressing their thoughts, solving problems, learning about sequence Thing by learning about the life cycle of a caterpillar. New vocabulary days of the week and take turns using the creative mind to help choreograph a dance and plan a party as well as using their gross motor skills. It was a delightful experience that students were able to share with their friends and Miss Carmen that kept them Active Learning and laughing continuously. The kindergarteners really enjoyed this program thank you so much! 6 1521


Miss Robinson at grannemann Elementary the program helped build on The Scholar schema they use critical thinking skills and they were engaged the entire time 62821


Mr. Bailey at emoji Elementary we have a student with special needs who is pretty somber throughout the day, but she thoroughly enjoyed springboard and Miss Carmen. She danced and sang and smiled the entire time! It was good to see her enjoying herself! I never experienced a program being this fun with Arts integration. Miss Carmen is amazing! 713




I really enjoyed the class and the children really were engaged in every session. I have witnessed the children really enjoy being part of the stories in the classroom and how little fox was used to implement certain ideas throughout the storyline. Great class Miss Alexander from YWCA Head Start

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