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 The experience of dance and Latin culture! 

Do you want your kids learning, engaging, creating, and dancing in a cultural environment? Sign them up for our after-school Latin Dance Classes!

ADR's Latin Dance Classes is the perfect way to learn Latin dance styles, rhythm, and culture.  Highly trained instructors are waiting to help you explore the beats and sounds of salsa and bachata that will have the entire family on their feet!   Space is limited to six (6) students so don't wait to register



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Class Descriptions


Frequently Asked Questions

Class Description:

Ages 7 - 12


Salsa, Bachata, and Cha Cha Cha Classes 

These classes will have students moving and grooving to all the hottest Salsa, Bachata, and Cha Cha Cha hits.  Students will step right into the fundamentals of Salsa and Bachata, learning the history of the dances and learning the instruments and rhythms of the music. 


Creative movement will give kids the space to understand high low movement, how to express their feeling through movement and how to expand on their movement.  

Latin Hip Hop will introduced terminology, elements, understand the speed at which hip hop moves and learn the body alignment necessary to perform the elements to Latin music.   Let's Go!!


 Creative Movement will get students meditative to take care of their bodies and eat healthy so they can become fit adults.  In this class kid will learn proper stretching learn muscle terminology physical fitness and how to prevent injury.  All to keep students moving during their virtual learning all day. 

Prerequisite: Joyful happy hearts ready to dance!

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