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Virtual Dance Class FAQ


How and where will the camp be hosted?

Camp will be hosted on ZOOM. You will need a computer or iPad, and, download the ZOOM app.


Where do I download the ZOOM app?


What are the Virtual camp hours?

 Monday through Friday, 9AM-1PM EST.  Please check which week you will be joining.  


 What if my child is not a dancer?

That's ok.  The program's purpose is to get kids engaged in culture, movement, creativity and self esteem. 


What activities will they be doing?

 The activities include Learning Salsa and Bachata, crafts, PE Class, stretch, and movement, and cultural story telling..


What is the age group for the camp?

Camp is suited for all kids ages 7-10.


What is the cost?

 The cost of the week program is $129.    We do offer sibling discounts.  Refund is available up to 3 days prior  the week students is signed up for camp.  


Is this camp for boys and girls?

Yes! Boys & girls are welcome in our camp. The purpose is to show compassion and  embrace diversity for every child.


Can parents/guardians  participate?  

Absolutely! In fact parents are encourage to participate if their time allows it through out the week.  At the end of the week there will be a Latin Dance Party for the entire family.  There will also be a parent ZOOM Virtual Happy Hour where parents will meet the instructors share there thought and ask questions.

How does a virtual summer camp work?

We have trained staff who uses ZOOM as an vehicle to continue training virtually.   Our camp is structured to keep students engaged, introduce them to movement, culture, sharing, new activities, and most importantly acceptance other them shelves and each other! Our classes are kept short, and we alternate the program each day so our students engaged. (Ex. Dances, songs, scripts & more)

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