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January Workshop

Did you miss the Holiday Latin Dance Workshop? Well, here is an opportunity to join in this go-round for the January Winter Warm Up. Join ADR Instructors Carmen G. and Mauricio V. for a Latin dance Journey that will prepare you for your dance experience for the new year. In this 3-hour training, you will learn essential elements that will enhance your dancing.

Conga Connection- Body Movement and Isolation 10:00 AM

This workshop will help you familiarize body movements and isolation to the music.

Footwork Finesse 11:00 AM

This Workshop will train you in several footwork techniques and rhythms that help you better understand how to implement them in shines.

Precision Partner work 12:00 PM

-Connection is Knowledge!! This Workshop will help you understand partner connection and what key elements to remember while staying fully engaged with your partner for the duration of the song.

Remember Training is for all Levels. Always stay a student!!

                                                Pricing for workshops

                                                     1Workshop $20

                                                     2 Workshops $35

                                                     3 Workshops $55

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