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COVID-19 Procedures, Guidelines and Requirements

 Almas Del Ritmo Dance Company  will continue to monitor the decisions of  the CDC, our local and state government, and the wisdom of God  to make the best discussions for our students, staff, and community.​


Almas Del Ritmo Dance Company is strategically planning our Spring Transition back to live in-person classes. PLEASE remember we are still living under a deadly pandemic, and COVID- 19 Guidelines and procedures WILL BE followed in order for everyone’s safety. What to know before join in person classes:


1. Registration and Payment for ALL ADRDC participants MUST BE made online in advance before arriving to class. Register Here


2. Class capacity is limited so when registering please make note if class is filled. Class capacity revisions will be made following CDC guidelines. Again, please make sure to check when registering the availability of classes. Once a class is full we will not allow persons to participate over the allotted number and you will be encourage to join the class virtually.


3. Masks are required PERIODT!! Should there be a health reason you are unable to wear a mask, we are encouraging you to join one of our amazing virtual classes.


4. ADRDC will conduct mandatory contactless temperature checks when arriving to class. Should your temperature be higher that 102 degrees, you will be ask not to participate in class that day

5. Should you feel ill or showing any symptoms of COVID-19, It is in your best interest and the interest of other participants to stay home. Please use your better judgement.


6. Hand sanitizer will be available for participants on hand.


7. Participants will stay 6 feet apart while in class. Partner work classes are only available for couples who are around each other consistently. NO SWITCHING of partners will be allowed during class. MASK MUST BE WORN AT ALL TIMES.


8. We encourage ADRDC participants to bring your own water bottle as water will not be offered or for sale to participants.


9. Participants WILL NOT be allowed to change clothing in restroom. Please arrive dressed and ready to go for class. There will be a designated area for those who wish to change into dance shoes .


10. All Classes until notice otherwise will take place outside. Should we expect inclement weather proper notice to participants will be made.


11. Our liability waiver form is due upon registration and must be signed before starting any classes with ADRDC. You understand by agree with the waiver and participating in classes taught by ADRDC instructors, or guest instructors that you are doing so at your own risk and ADRDC, nor instructors are not held liable for any injury or illness that may occur from you participating at any activity at ADRDC during the COVID pandemic or any other ADRDC’s schedule may change as we continue to monitor and follow regulations and guidelines reported by authorized institutions.


All participants will be kept abreast of new developments as we continue to strive through this COVID era. We are encouraging participants to register for classes in advance in order to participate in desired classes. Once a class is full, we will not allow anyone in. Anyone showing up to class without registering online first will not be allowed to participate. Almas Del Ritmo Dance Company is grateful and honored that you have chosen us to return to extracurricular activities. We thank you very much for your support. Please remember that we still have online classes for those who wish to continue to learn from home.

COVID - 19 Resources

St. Louis City-specific information 

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